The Strive Team is comprised of a group of top selling Realtors all working together in collaboration. We are a team with a strong background in construction, renovating “flip” properties, as well as investment “cap rate” purchases. This investment style adds a concept of margin-based buying to residential transactions; when purchasing an investment property or a renovation property for profit it is crucial to understand returns, construction costs, and the profit margin that is left. We apply these principles when buying and selling residential real estate to ensure that the transition between homes makes fiscal sense. We try to outperform averages when selling, all whilst purchasing under the average(s) for the acquisition of property. Clients feel secure with our team’s above average knowledge of home construction to assist in property purchasing.

In addition to being a fully collaborative team, we are also a full-service team with robust options for bringing a house to market.



We work with exclusive staging companies to bring our look to every home we sell so that you will know that your property will be presented the same as any of our properties that you see listed or displayed on our social media.


We have commercial cleaners that will do a deep clean on your property prior to listing. We also have team supports that can remove junk from the house as well as dumpster contracts for heavy declutter.


We have the experience and the trades! We can repair cosmetic issues in the home prior to listing, we have access to affordable trades, painters, and design staff, so you don’t have to worry about dealing with predatory contractors.


We have access to an in-house moving company, On the Way Moving; owned by Michael Roberts. Mike is a Realtor/Partner on The Strive Team, so you can be assured your move will be handled by a Real Estate professional working under our collaborative umbrella.


We work with an in-house media company for photos, videos and social media. Our university-trained media team has photo, video, drone, and social media management expertise. They run our Instagram and Facebook and generate weekly content to keep eyes on our page, shoot our listings and produce the listing content on our social media.

So, what’s the catch?

Well...There isn’t one!

All our services are included at no additional cost or increased commissions when buying and selling together.

Thank you for taking the time to learn about The Strive Real Estate Team. Please check out our work online, or contact us at any time:

To learn more about our individual agents, please visit: “Meet The Team”